Organic cacao mix 1,55 kg
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Organic cacao mix 1,55 kg


The organic cocoa mix is a ready-made mix for the easy production of great drinking cocoa. Packed in 1.55 kg bags.
It has been specially developed for use in school cocoa products with the aim of achieving a genuine round cocoa taste with reduced sugar content. With our organic instant mix, the production of organic school cocoa is quick and easy. The high cocoa content of around 25% ensures a real round cocoa taste. The finished drinking cocoa has a sugar content of 3.49% and complies with current food regulations (AMA, Cocoa Codex, etc.).

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  • extra “chocolaty”
  • taste of “pure, real” cacao (no artificial flavours, no emulsifiers)
  • easy preparation

Fields of Application

cacao drinks


1,55 kg aluminium bag (aroma protection bag), 10 bags/carton (15,5 kg), 48 cartons/palette (744 kg)

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Organic cocoa blend for Processors

Can the organic instant cocoa mix be used for school milk?

Yes, the instant powder has a very good solubility in warm as well as cold milk and can be processed very easily and quickly. The sugar content is reduced annually and is set at 3.5% in 2023 according to the AgrarMarkt Austria leaflet. If you use our organic cocoa mix, you only need to work according to our preparation suggestion and you do not have to change anything in the recipe until 2023!

School milk: permissible sugar content Source


How to use organic instant cocoa mix?

Preparation suggestion:

Stir 507 g powder into 10 litres of warm or cold milk (approx. 5% per litre of milk).

-> the children in the schools will enjoy the full, natural taste of this organic school milk!

What is contained in Organic Cocoa Mix Instant?
List of ingredients of the organic cocoa mix before preparation:

organic sugar (74.4%), low-fat organic cocoa (25.6%).

Ingredient list of the organic cocoa drink after preparation with milk:

organic milk, organic sugar (3.49 %), low-fat organic cocoa (1.2 %).


Interesting facts about organic cocoa:

Most cocoa is grown by small farmers, as this form of cultivation provides the best conditions for healthy plants and a good harvest. Organic cocoa from 100% controlled organic farming is a sensible alternative to conventionally produced cocoa.

Cocoa, just like cinnamon, was used as a means of payment by the peoples of Central America and has been used since around 1500 BC. With the discovery of America, cocoa also found its way to Europe.

The cocoa bean is the seed of the cocoa fruit and grows around the equator. West Africa produces about 75 percent of the world's crop followed by South and Central America and the Caribbean. The cocoa tree depends on a healthy ecosystem and thrives best in the shade under large trees. In monocultures, heavy fertilisation is needed for the cocoa tree to thrive and produce many fruits.