Organic Alcohol Ethanol
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Organic Alcohol Ethanol


High-proof alcohol 96 % (= ethanol) from certified organic agriculture; "alcohol" is the colloquial word for "ethanol". Ethanol is a component of luxury foods and alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer and liqueur. For alcohol production, raw materials containing mostly sugar and starch are fermented by microorganisms. Only raw materials from controlled organic cultivation are used for production. Our organic alcohol is neutral in taste and is used as a basis for liqueurs, distillates, plant extracts, cleaning and disinfectant agents and cosmetics.

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  • odorless, tasteless
  • acts antibacterial
  • for vegetarian and vegan food

Fields of Application

beverages liqueurs plant extracts preservation of food cleaning agents disinfectants solvents


10 liter canister

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Organic alcohol ethanol 96% for processors

Where is organic alcohol ethanol 96% used?

You can use our bioethanol in food and cosmetics. Very successfully it is already used for the production of high quality gin. Its properties as a solvent are the decisive factor here. Essential oils and all kinds of other flavoring ingredients dissolve excellently in pure bioethanol.

 There are no known allergenic reactions to this high-quality 96% ethanol. 96% bioethanol can be easily and quickly diluted with water to other concentrations. For example, 1 liter of 96% bioethanol mixed with 1.4 liters of water will yield 2.4 liters of 40% alcohol batch.


How is organic alcohol 96% obtained?

Bacteria (e.g.: yeast=Saccharomyces cerviesae) use carbohydrates as an energy source. They can survive (when no oxygen is available) by producing the energy needed to live through a long chemical process. This process produces alcohol as a by-product. Through targeted distillation, the alcohol contained in the mash is evaporated and concentrated until the desired alcohol content is achieved.


Interesting facts about organic alcohol 96 %

In Austria, pure alcohol is usually also referred to as spirit, spirits of wine, ethanol and batch alcohol. Due to health aspects, alcohol consumption is usually prohibited for under 16 year olds, during pregnancy, while driving and in combination with antibiotics. With 3000kJ per 100g alcohol contains a lot of calories and is also an excellent solvent. The chemical formula is C2H6O.

Alcohol and Halal Certification

When alcohol is used in food as an excipient, it is important to pay close attention to whether a product can still be classified as halal or not.