Organic cocoa powder raw 10 - 12 % alkalized
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Organic cocoa powder raw 10 - 12 % alkalized


Freshly harvested cocoa beans are fermented, roasted and separated from the shell. During grinding, the beans' cocoa butter melts and the so-called cocoa breakage becomes a liquid cocoa mass. This cocoa mass is then compressed in presses. This squeezes out the fat, which flows off as golden yellow, clear cocoa butter. What remains is the cocoa press cake, which is pulverised. The alkalisation of the cocoa liquor emphasises the taste of the cocoa powder, reduces the sourish-bitter taste, increases the colour intensity and improves the solubility of the powder, e.g. in cold milk.

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25 kg multi-layer paper bags with PE inner bag

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Organic cacao powder raw 10 - 12 % alkalized for processors

Cocoa is rich in valuable minerals, antioxidants and trace elements. Cocoa powder is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. The particularly gentle processing ensures that the ingredients and the authentic taste are optimally preserved. Cocoa with 10%-14% fat content is considered highly deoiled. This has the advantage that the ingredients such as calcium and iron are more concentrated. The low fat content also improves the solubility in cold drinks enormously. It is therefore very well suited for the production of cocoa mixtures for beverages, for example. But also in baking it is excellent for all conceivable recipes (eg: Desserts, baking, powdered drinks, chocolate spreads, smoothies, cookies).


What is alkalized cocoa?

A non-alkalized powder has a slightly bitter or sour taste. This can be softened by adding alkaline salts (e.g. potash) during processing. This process, developed as early as 1828, is also called Dutching or Dutch Process. This process emphasizes the inherent flavor and rounds off the taste. It also increases the solubility of the cocoa powder.
In general, it can be said that most of the available products are alkalized.


Facts about Cocoa:

Cocoa, just like cinnamon, was used as a means of payment by the peoples of Central America and has been used since about 1500 BC. With the discovery of the Americas, cocoa also found its way to Europe and the rest is in the history books.

The cocoa bean is the seed of the cocoa fruit and grows around the equator. West Africa produces about 75 percent of the world's crop followed by South and Central America and the Caribbean. The cacao tree depends on a healthy ecosystem and thrives best in shade under large trees. In monocultures, heavy fertilization is required for the cacao tree to thrive and produce many fruits. In most cases, cacao trees are grown by small farmers, as this form of cultivation provides the best conditions for sustainable, high-yield growth. This is another reason why buying verified organic quality is always the best choice.