Organic onion powder extra fine
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Organic onion powder extra fine


Organic onions from controlled organic farming are appropriately cleaned, prepared, hot air dried and finely ground. Our organic onion powder can be used universally wherever fresh onions are otherwise present in your recipe. We offer a 100% natural and vegan product in premium organic quality. Organic onion powder extra fine has a slightly pungent and subtly sweet taste. The use of preservatives, flavors and dyes is waived.

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  • clean and convenient handling
  • taste

Fields of Application

spice in various recipes


20 kg carton with PE inliner

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Production and Applications

Just like organic onion granules, organic mustard powder (= organic mustard seeds ground) and organic garlic powder, our organic onion powder is particularly suitable for all spicy dishes. A processing in processed cheese is just as suitable as the combination with nutritional yeast and other spices to make a vegan Parmesan cheese substitute.


Interesting facts about organic onion powder extra fine:

Onions strengthen the immune system and promote digestion. In Austria, almost 14% of all onions for sale in retail stores are already organic quality. The onion occupies in Austria (if one leaves out the potato) among the vegetables the largest cultivated area. The onion is related to garlic, leeks, chives and wild garlic. The lacrimation of onion cutting is caused by the amino acid alliin, which contains sulfur oxide. When the onion is cut open, the cell walls are torn open and the substance is released. For the human body, weeping is unproblematic and even healthy.


How to use organic onion powder extra fine?

Use - rehydration factor

1 part powder

1 part liquid


a) either dissolve the powder in a part of water (lukewarm), then add the remaining water and immediately whip with a whisk (mixer).

b) or the easiest way: mix the powder with the other dry ingredients before adding water.