Organic red beet powder
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Organic red beet powder


Red beets from organic agriculture get washed, peeled, gently hot-air-dried and eventually grounded. Since no carrier material is used in the manufacturing process, the product is particularly high-yielding. Used as a coloring agent (e.g.: in pasta), one benefits from the very long color stability even under UV (daylight). Since the powder is milled from 100% whole ripe red beets, the coloring is particularly strong. This product is free of additives and comes without carriers, flavors or other additives.

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  • gives colour, colour-stable for a long time – also under UV
  • no carrier used in production -> “small amounts go a long way”; very productive

Fields of Application

pasta milk-mix drinks soups bakery products pastries curing additive for sausage


25 kg Aluminium bags

Anna-Maria Hermann

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Use and interesting Facts

How to use organic beet powder?

Use - rehydration factor

1 part powder

4 parts of water


a) either dissolve the powder in a part of water (lukewarm), then add the remaining water and immediately whip with a whisk (mixer).

b) or the easiest way: mix the powder with the other dry ingredients before adding water.


How healthy is beet? Can beetroot be eaten raw?         

  Beet can be eaten raw and is very healthy due to its diverse ingredients. This beet originated in the Mediterranean region and it is related to sugar beet and chard. This pure vegetable product is naturally rich in folic acid (vitamin B9), calcium, potassium, vitamin C and many more. Through further refinement and selective breeding over the past two centuries, the tuber is now entirely red in color. There are also red-white, yellow and white varieties. In Germany and Switzerland, such products are also still known as beet and beet. For shipping within Austria and EU, there are also some other ground vegetable powders in our shopping cart.