Organic guar gum powder
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Organic guar gum powder


Guar gum is made of the endosperm of the semen guar bean (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus). The outer layers and the germling are removed and the remaining parts milled.
The long-chain compounds of the gluten free guar gum are able to absorb very much water and build a high viscous, doughy mass. In combination with poly saccharides e.g. agar-agar, guar gum causes a higher strength and elasticity. Guar is often used in combination with other hydrcolloids.

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  • thickener, texture
  • higher viscosity
  • delay and prevention of crystallisation

Fields of Application

soups sauces pastries spreads ice cream tofu products for vegan fat free and fat reduced recipes.


25 kg paper bags

Dr. Robert Zach

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