Organic raw cane sugar light
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Organic raw cane sugar light


"Sugarcane" with the botanical name Saccharum officinarum belongs to the plant family of grasses (Gramineae). The perennial tropical grass grows up to 5 meters high and has a pithy stem with a diameter of 5 centimeters.
To obtain "organic raw cane sugar", this pith is pressed out, the resulting sugar juice is thickened, impurities are separated and finally crystallized. In the production process, the organic golden yellow sugar is not as strongly purified (refined) as white granulated sugar and thus contains even more of the natural brown molasses, which explains the desired light brownish colour. White cane sugar and organic white sugar are chemically identical because when both raw materials (sugar cane, sugar beet) are strongly purified, they always contain the same sugar molecule.

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  • Sweetener, fine malt aroma
  • Nutritional value and mineral content
  • special free-flowing / durable packaging

Fields of Application

bakery products sweets ice cream juices sweeteners specialties etc.


25 kg bag, 750 kg / pallet

Wolfgang Kainz

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Production and Applications

The marrow contained in the harvested sugar cane is pressed into a syrup. Refining is the name given to the process of purifying the pith syrup. Whole cane sugar is brown and contains minerals, so it is considered unrefined. Organic raw cane sugar is simply refined, which means it is light brown and still contains a portion of the colouring molasses. This gives it its typical golden brown colour and fine aromatic, caramel taste. "Brown sugar", as it is also called, is excellent for baking, sweet drinks and ice cream. White granulated sugar has been processed several times, is pure white in colour and no longer contains any healthy ingredients.


How is organic cane sugar obtained?

Sugar cane is grown in tropical countries, especially Brazil and India. Cuttings of the sugar cane are planted by hand or with the help of machines. After 9-24 months, the ripe sugar cane is harvested for the first time. A sugar cane plant can live up to 20 years. In many cases, harvesting is still done by hand, but the sugar cane fields are burnt down on the eve of the harvest. Only the sugar canes remain, which can then be harvested more easily by hand.


How is organic golden sugar used by processors?

Your recipes benefit from the subtle caramel notes that come from this special type of sugar. This sugar, which is only refined once, is particularly popular in cocktails (mojito, caipirinha) and ice cream.