Organic powdered sugar
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Organic powdered sugar


Sugar form organic certified agriculture gets powdered without any further ingredients. Due to a cooled grinding and a special preparation, anti-caking agents can be avoided. This means that our organic icing sugar can be used universally. This organic icing sugar is suitable for baking, dusting pastries, fine creams and glazes. The organic icing sugar is ecologically sustainable and is subject to a strict control system from cultivation to the end product.

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  • sweeteners
  • without any additives like anticaking agents (phosphate, flour, etc.)
  • ultrafine milling

Fields of Application

pastries powder sugar sweets desserts ice cream fruit juice wine


10 kg paper bags, 600 kg/palette

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Organic icing sugar in bulk

Controlled organic granulated sugar is ground in a mill to this fine powder-like powder, it does not contain any noticeable crystals. It is advisable to store icing sugar in closed containers and in dry conditions as it attracts humidity and then begins to form lumps/hardness (can also occur with large temperature differences). As far as nutritional values are concerned, it should be mentioned that icing sugar contains the same calories as granulated sugar.


How is organic icing sugar produced?

Organic icing sugar is nothing other than ground organic crystal sugar (= organic white sugar).


How is organic icing sugar used?

To visually enhance a wide variety of desserts, as well as for sweetening.