Organic syrup powder soft DE39 (=dry glucose)
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Organic syrup powder soft DE39 (=dry glucose)


Organic syrup powder is a spray-dried starch saccharification product, which is won from organic starch. It is a free-flowing, hygroscopic, highly water soluble powder and consists of a mixture of several carbohydrates. Relative sweetening power is about 30% compared to sucrose (=beet sugar). Our organic syrup powder can be used in dry mixtures and also in solutions. Due to its relatively low sweetness, it can be used wherever the "mouthfeel" should be improved and the sweetness should be rounded off. It is often combined with other sweeteners.
The organic glucose syrup gives the ice cream its softness and pleasant consistency instead of freezing into a solid block. It is also very suitable as a carrier for flavors and for improving the consistency in liqueurs. The fields of application are very broad, we will be happy to advise you on this!

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  • slightly reduced, “soft” sweetness
  • “soft”, mild, round sweetness
  • full bodied, pleasantly thick mouthfeel

Fields of Application

ice cream spices raw sausages cured products liqueurs ketchup and barbecue sauces


25 kg paper bag with PE inner bag, 750 kg/pallet

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Production and Application

How to use organic syrup powder DE39?

Due to the good solubility of the free-flowing glucose powder, it is easy to produce a viscous syrup.


Organic syrup powder DE39 for processors in bulk:

Our organic dried glucose syrup is one of our starch saccharification products.

The starch contained in almost all plants consists of many interconnected sugar building blocks. These compounds can be separated with the use of enzymes or acids, thus obtaining individual sugar building blocks (= sugar molecules).  In this process, the starch molecules can be separated very precisely, so the starch saccharification process can be controlled excellently. In Austria, mostly potatoes, wheat or corn are used as the starting product, so this syrup is vegan. The products produced can be in the form of powder or syrup. Organic syrup creamy, DE40, organic dextrose crystal and organic invert sugar syrup are examples of such starch saccharification products. Sugar substitutes such as sorbitol (keyword: diabetes) are also produced from glucose produced in this process.

DE Value - what does it mean?

The degree of saccharification is indicated as DE value (dextrose equivalent). This indicates the proportion of reducing sugars in 100g of dry matter - expressed in glucose units (source: Agrana). Starch has a DE value of 0, maltodextrin between 3- 20, dextrose (glucose) has a DE value of 100.