Organic topinambur tuber powder
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Organic topinambur tuber powder


Topinambur tubers (English: Jerusalem artichoke, Latin: Helianthus tuberosus) are cleaned, gently dried and ground.
Instead of starch (=polymer-bound glucose which drives up the glycaemic index), Jerusalem artichoke contains the reserve carbohydrate INULIN (=polymer-bound fructose). This practically does not call up insulin after consumption, i.e. Jerusalem artichoke is therefore often called a "diabetic vegetable" or an ideal satiator that makes you slim!

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  • suitable for diabetics, very high natural INULIN content
  • high in fibre
  • gluten-free, cholesterol-free

Fields of Application

Bread and bakery products beverages tea dairy products spreads jams muesli confectionery ice cream dietetic food specialities


22 kg carton

Anna-Maria Hermann

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