Organic whole egg powder
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Organic whole egg powder


Organic chicken eggs from certified organic agriculture get cracked, homogenised, pasteurised, and gently spray-dried. Austrian eggs from controlled organic farming are used for production. Organic whole egg powder can be used all year round, uncomplicated, microbiologically worry-free, exactly like fresh egg. In contrast to liquid egg, it has a very long shelf life without loss of quality. It is used very successfully from large kitchens to industrial processors.

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  • nutritional value, binding agent
  • long shelf life
  • easy to use

Fields of Application

bakery products pasta dumpling blends mayonnaise sauces


25 kg cardboard box with PE inner bag

Wolfgang Kainz

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Organic whole egg powder for processors

Our organic egg powder belongs like canned bread and powdered milk to the classic crisis stock foods that have a very good shelf life. Since the properties of fresh egg are preserved, you can also use our organic whole egg powder to make your own scrambled eggs (see our test video).

When buying organic eggs from Austria, we guarantee that the chickens are allowed to run outside during the day.

How to use organic whole egg powder?

1 kg of powder corresponds to approx. 88 eggs

Mix 1 part by weight of organic whole egg powder with 3 parts by weight of lukewarm water and process as fresh egg.

The powder can also be used in dry form. To do this, first mix the powder with the other dry ingredients before adding water.