Organic egg white powder
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Organic egg white powder


Raw material basis for this egg powder are organic chicken eggs from certified organic farming. The obtained organic egg white (=protein) is - without the addition of lipase - gently dried in a spray process. Our Organic eggprotein powder is whippable and thus usable like fresh or liquid chicken egg white. It can always be used quickly, has a long shelf life and can be processed without microbiological concerns. This high-quality Organic eggprotein powder can also be recognized by its high protein content of 85g/100g. 1 kg powder corresponds to the egg white of approx. 250 eggs, or more simply expressed, 100g organic protein powder dissolved in 800ml water corresponds to approx. 900g fresh chicken egg white (approx. from 25 eggs).

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  • binding agent, water retention, consistency
  • easy handling, no worries about microbiology

Fields of Application

bakery products pastries baking mixes pasta soup garnishes meat and sausage products tofu breading products energy drinks dressings


25 kg carton with PE inner bag, 600/pallet

Anna-Maria Hermann

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organic egg white powder for processors

Worth knowing about Organic Egg White Powder:

Fresh egg white consists of 88% water. The contained protein consists mainly of three proteins: ovalbumin, conalbumin (ovotransferrin) and ovomucoid. 
Producing companies use organic egg powder for example in baking mixtures, pasta, meat and sausage products, tofu and dressings. In the private sector it is popular for baking, weight loss and muscle building/sports nutrition also because of its characteristic neutral taste and high protein content.
Dried egg products always offer the advantage that microbial contamination (keyword salmonella) is not a problem.

If you are looking for vegan alternatives to this product, our staff will be happy to advise you.


How is Organic Egg White Powder obtained?

Organic chicken eggs from certified organic farms are separated after the eggs are broken. The BIO egg white (=protein) is filtered, pasteurized, cooled and gently dried in a spray process. This gentle process preserves the ingredients in the best possible way. Since fresh protein consists to a large extent of water and no additives are used, it is very productive.


How is Organic Egg White Powder instant used?


The Organic Egg White Powder can be mixed directly with other dry ingredients (eg: flour) or first dissolved in water and whipped. In this case, 1 part by weight of BIO protein powder pulse 8 parts by weight of water.