Organic Maltodextrin DE19
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Organic Maltodextrin DE19


Organic maltodextrin is produced by saccharification and spray-drying of organic starch. It is a free-flowing, very easily soluble powder with a low hygroscopic character and consists of a mixture of saccharids without any starch. Due to its excellent solubility in water, its neutral taste, and its good digestibility, organic maltodextrin 20.235 is used in a wide range of products. In accordance with EU BioVO No. 2018/848, no ion exchanger is used. The name maltodextrin contains the names of the sugars it consists of, maltose (= malt sugar) and dextrose (= grape sugar). The fields of application are very broad. We will be happy to advise you here regarding your organic recipe design!

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  • neutral carrier
  • gives energy through carbohydrates
  • improvement of viscosity and mouthfeel

Fields of Application

fruit powders baby food spice blends clear dry soups confectionary milk beverages soy drinks


25 kg paper bag with a PE inner bag, 750 kg/palette

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Applications and Details

Maltodextrin is one of the carbohydrates, popular sources of which are potatoes, pasta, rice and bread. This water-soluble carbohydrate mixture is vegan and gluten-free. This maltodextrin has a DE value of 19.

DE value- what does it say?

The degree of saccharification is expressed as a DE value (dextrose equivalent). This indicates the proportion of reducing sugars in 100g of dry matter - expressed in glucose units (source: Agrana). Starch has a DE value of 0, maltodextrin between 3-20 and dextrose (glucose) has a DE value of 100. The higher the DE value of maltodextrin, the better its water solubility.


Where can I find organic maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is used in baked goods to improve crumb texture and enhance crust browning. In modern food technology, it is used in energy-reduced foods as a fat replacer. Maltodextrin provides readily available carbohydrates. This effect is utilized in sports foods and drinks and also in medical drinking and tube feeds. Because of its neutral taste and good solubility, it is also used as a carrier for fruit and vegetable powders.


How is organic maltodextrin used?

Maltodextrin is a whitish powder that when dissolved in water produces a cloudy, somewhat thickened solution. It is almost tasteless, not sweet and very digestible. It also provides the body with quick energy and fills glucose stores. Maltodextrin can be sterilized and thus has a very long shelf life.

Due to all its properties, it is excellent for applications in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and as an energy source for athletes.