Citric acid crystalline, for organic recipes
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Citric acid crystalline, for organic recipes


Citric acid was first produced from the juice of the lemon - hence the name. Citric acid is one of the most widespread acids in the plant kingdom and occurs as a metabolic product in all organisms. In the past, citric acid was extracted from citrus fruits. Nowadays, citric acid is primarily produced biotechnologically with the help of microorganisms (mould Aspergillus niger). Raw materials such as maize and molasses serve as nutrient medium. No genetically modified raw materials are used for our product.

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  • Rounding off the taste
  • better colour retention of the fruit
  • According to EU Bio VO 834/2007 (Infoxgen catalogue of operating materials), permitted in the production of organic food

Fields of Application

jam jelly salads fish dishes cold juices drinks specialities


25 kg bags

Dr. Robert Zach

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