Organic acerola fruit powder
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Organic acerola fruit powder


This slightly hygroscopic powder is obtained from the fruit of the certified organic acerola cherry. Acerola is one of the fruits with the highest natural vitamin C content. The juice of the red cherry fruit is pressed out with the addition of water, gently thickened under vacuum and dried with the addition of an organic starch-based carrier material (organic maltodextrin). This is necessary because acerola fruit powder would clump very quickly without this additive and would spoil very quickly on contact with atmospheric oxygen. Otherwise, no additives such as sugar, preservatives or colourings are used. Due to the high vitamin C content, the powder is ideally suited to replace ascorbic acid (keyword: clean labelling).

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  • high-quality natural vitamin C carrier
  • natural alternative to ascorbic acid

Fields of Application

Baked goods baking mixes beverages juices food supplements meat products specialities


1 kg PE bag, 25 kg box

Anna-Maria Hermann

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