Organic palm fat (=oil)
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Organic palm fat (=oil)


Organic palm fat (also: palm oil) is obtained from the flesh of the 15 - 30 m high oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Through a cleaning step (degumming and deodorisation), the whitish palm fat, which is solid at room temperature, is obtained from the originally intensive yellow-red raw palm oil. Palm fat is very similar to coconut fat in colour and taste, but has a higher oleic acid content. This palm fat is not hardened.

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  • heat-stable, tasteless, cost-effective
  • at room temperature supple and easy to apply
  • pure, unhydrogenated vegetable fat, practically no trans fatty acids

Fields of Application

baked goods frying fat soups cosmetic cremes vegetarian spreads specialities


25 kg carton/PE bag

Wolfgang Kainz

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