Organic wheat gluten
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Organic wheat gluten


Gluten is a collective term for a mixture of different protein compounds which occurs in the meal of certain cereals. Gluten is produced by leaching out the starch from the meal. Gluten has a central meaning for the bakery properties of flour. The proteins (=gluten) contained in wheat are also called gluten and have optimal properties for baking. This is why wheat is the baking cereal par excellence. In combination with water, gluten forms a structure that permeates the dough. It is responsible for the fact that when baking bread, cakes, biscuits and the like, the resulting CO2 is better retained in the dough, the pastry retains its shape and the volume is increased.

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  • adjusting the protein content
  • improves the structure and the body of baked products
  • causes fine-pored, fluffy dough

Fields of Application

baking mixtures instant flours base for spice concoctions


25 kg paper bag with PE inner bag, 750 kg/palette

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Organic wheat gluten vital for processors

For a few people gluten is unhealthy, i.e. they suffer from coeliac disease (= gluten allergy). The following gluten-free grains are suitable alternatives for your recipes: Millet, corn, rice, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. These are partly different in their application. If you want to bake low carb bread, you can use wheat gluten to make a great protein bread. Organic wheat gluten can also be used to produce seitan.

Possible alternatives for baking airy bread are organic baking powder and organic yeast.

Interesting facts about organic wheat gluten vital:

 Wheat gluten (= gluten) shows rubber-like elastic and plastic properties when it has become moist. It permeates the bread dough like a skeleton and ensures that a fine-pored and loose dough forms which does not run apart during baking. In the finished baked product, the coagulated adhesive structure of gluten ensures that the dough retains its shape. Gluten thus has excellent baking properties. It is used in breads in which large pores are desired as well as in breads with a high rye and wholemeal content.