Organic apple cubes crunchy 6x6x10 mm
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Organic apple cubes crunchy 6x6x10 mm


Selected apple varieties (main varieties: Jonathan, Gloster, Golden etc.)
from controlled organic cultivation are freed from core, stalk etc.. Peels are deliberately left on the product and give the cubes a special appearance. The diced apple pieces are gently dried until crispy.
Due to a special manufacturing process, no release agents or other additives are required. 100% apple in premium food quality. No worries about shelf life, microbiology, etc. Premium quality all year round. The best way to use apple in your recipe.

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  • extra crunchy
  • fruity taste

Fields of Application

muesli pastries spreads cakes


14 kg carton with PE inner bag, 312kg/pallet

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Production and Application

How is BIO apple cubes crispy used?

Applications include spreads, muesli mixes, baked goods (e.g. apple pie), fruit teas, etc. They are also suitable simply for nibbling or especially as an addition to yogurt, etc. These BIO apple cubes crispy are rich in ingredients, vitamins and can still be caramelized when used as a dessert topping.

Things to know about BIO apple cubes crispy:

Unlike soft apple cubes that need to be dusted with release agents(rice flour), these crispy ones are free of additives and have a very good shelf life. No additives such as citric acid are used.