Organic caramel syrup dark
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Organic caramel syrup dark


Caramel syrup is produced by suitable heating and melting (="caramelization") of certified organic sugar. When the sugar starts to melt, it only takes a few seconds for the caramel to take on a dark color - the production process requires constant attention. To prevent the mass from solidifying afterwards, when the desired degree of browning has been reached, it is extinguished with boiling water and dissolved to "Organic Caramel Syrup Dark".

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  • intensive colouring and flavouring
  • NOT sweet

Fields of Application

liqueur sauces pastries beverage beer milk drinks desserts confectionary ice candy


25 kg canister, 600 kg/pallet

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Sugar couleur = caramel syrup?

What is sugar couleur in bulk?

Our sugar couleur (= organic caramel sugar syrup) is a syrup made from caramelised sugar. Depending on when the caramelisation process is stopped, you get a different colour and taste. As already mentioned, organic mild caramel syrup is a light, sweet syrup. Organic dark caramel syrup, on the other hand, is a commonly used food colouring, also called sugar couleur.


What is in caramel?

Caramel consists of sugar (any kind of sugar can be used) and water. The ingredients produced during heating and browning are extremely diverse and are still the subject of scientific studies. The health effects are comparable to those of normal granulated sugar, organic caramel syrup is therefore not to be considered harmful.


How is organic dark caramel syrup made?

To make caramel, granulated sugar is heated under constant stirring until it begins to change colour. The temperature required for this differs depending on the type of sugar used. As soon as the caramel has reached the desired colour, it is deglazed with hot water and diluted to the desired consistency.


Where can I find organic dark caramel syrup?

Our organic caramel syrup dark is successfully used by many food manufacturers in a wide variety of industries for recipes. For example, in baking and in butcher shops as well as in beverage production. According to estimates, caramel syrup is used in about 80% of all foods that are coloured. Probably the best-known coloured food is Coca Cola. In this case, a syrup is used that corresponds to our organic dark caramel syrup. Caramel syrup that is used for colouring is called sugar couleur. If you use our sugar couleur in your recipe, we recommend the declaration "caramel sugar syrup".


Organic caramel syrup dark = E150?

The organic caramel sugar syrup available from us does not have an E number and can be used in spirits without declaration. The usual burning aids for sugar couleurs are not permitted for caramel. Therefore, our caramel syrup is considered a foodstuff and sugar couleurs a food additive. Thus, all sugar couleurs have an E-number, E150 a-d. The letter added to the E-number indicates the type of burning aid in more detail. From this, one can conclude the suitability for certain products.