Organic elderberry juice concentrate
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Organic elderberry juice concentrate


Organic elderberries from organic agriculture are pressed, after which the juice is gently concentrated under vacuum. Our organic elderberry juice concentrate is very popular as a coloring food ingredient. This is a natural product, therefore 100% elderberry, without additives such as: sugar, colorants, preservatives and antioxidants. It is already successfully used for organic drinks, confectionery and dairy and ice cream products. You can see the strong coloring properties excellent in our short product video. The coloring properties are adjusted during production to a quality that can always be used the same.

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  • colouring, nutritional value, taste
  • dark, black-red colour
  • very high dietary/health value

Fields of Application

fruit juices (apple pear grapes etc.) confectionery fruit bars pasties easy colour adjustment or addition in the recipe


25 kg carton, aseptic packaging

Wolfgang Kainz

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Organic elderberry juice concentrate as coloring food ingredient

This concentrate is made from organically grown elderberries (Sambucus nigra). 1 kg of organic elderberry concentrate is equal to about 6.5 liters of juice. Or in other words 1 liter of concentrate gives about 9.2 liters of juice. To produce 1 kg of concentrate, approx. 8-9 kg of fresh berries are used, this value is of course dependent on the harvest and is subject to fluctuations. The harvest of elderberries in our latitudes takes place from mid-August to early October.

The dark blue to black color of elderberries comes from the high content of flavonoids and antoncyans. These ingredients provide very strong color-giving effects that in many different recipes. Our elderberry juice concentrate is already used very successfully in organic recipes for confectionery, juice products and snacks of all kinds.

Sambucus nigra L. is the Latin name for the black elderberry. The dark blue/black berries of this plant contain many naturally occurring nutrients such as rutin, flavonoids and anthocyanins.

A possible alternative to the organic Elderberry Juice Concentrate is our organic Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate 90.042 which is also successfully used as a coloring agent for many recipes.


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What is the Brix content?

Juice concentrates are produced by removing the water from the pressed direct juice under vacuum. The Brix content varies depending on the raw material/fruit. Roughly speaking, the Brix content indicates the amount of dissolved solids (including various sugars, colorants) contained in 100 g of concentrate. From the °Brix one can roughly infer the sugar content, since the various types of sugar make up a large part of the dissolved solids in juice concentrates.