Organic syrup viscous DE40
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Organic syrup viscous DE40


“Organic corn syrup viscous” is a starch saccharification product produced of organic corn. It consists of a mix of several saccharides and does not contain starch anymore. Organic syrup creamy DE40 (=organic glucose syrup) is produced from organic starch by means of enzymatic starch saccharification. Due to its composition, this syrup has a crystallisation-inhibiting effect and is also used to sweeten food. Generally, sugar syrups are differentiated according to their sugar content, which is expressed as DE value (dextrose equivalent). Often, creamy DE40 syrup is used in combination with other types of sugar, providing a pleasantly rounded sweetness effect.

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  • high viscosity, reduced sweetness
  • prevents crystallization

Fields of Application

hard caramels soft caramels bonbons gums and jellies fillings creams fondant confectionary cereal bars spreads ketchup


bucket of 25 kg, 400 kg/pallet

Anna-Maria Hermann

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Interesting facts about organic syrup creamy DE40 for processors

Organic creamy glucose syrup is used in many recipes as a partial or total substitute for conventional sugar. It can be used in liqueurs to regulate the viscosity. When making ice cream, this vegan syrup creates a very good mouthfeel. Our glucose syrup is not "harmful", the health effects are comparable to those of normal granulated sugar. The difference to organic glucose-fructose syrup is the content of fructose (= fruit sugar) it contains. Glucose is the name for glucose and dextrose, i.e. all three denote the same type of sugar.


Starch saccharification

The starch contained in almost all plants consists of many interconnected sugar components. These compounds can be separated using enzymes or acids, thus obtaining individual sugar building blocks (= sugar molecules). In this process, the starch molecules are separated very precisely, which makes it possible to control the starch saccharification process very well. In Austria, potatoes, wheat or maize are usually used as the starting product, so this syrup is vegan. The products produced can be in powder or syrup form. Organic syrup creamy DE40, organic dextrose crystal and organic invert sugar syrup are examples of such starch saccharification products. Sugar substitutes such as sorbitol (keyword: diabetes) are also produced from glucose produced in this process.


DE Value - what does this mean?

The degree of saccharification is indicated as DE value (dextrose equivalent). This indicates the proportion of reducing sugars in 100g of dry matter - expressed in glucose units (source: Agrana). Starch has a DE value of 0, maltodextrin between 3-20, dextrose (=glucose) has a DE value of 100.