Organic pre-gelatinized corn starch
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Organic pre-gelatinized corn starch


Organic pre-gelatinized corn starch is produced from organic corn starch by thermal treatment followed by drying and milling. Is obtained by exclusive heat treatment of native organic corn starch - without the addition of chemical substances. Cold water soluble starch dissolves or swells already in cold water. Boiling is not necessary. This starch is therefore particularly suitable for products where heating of the product during production or at the consumer is not required. This thermally treated corn starch is considered a food ingredient and does not have to be declared with an E-number (= advantage for clean label products). Cold swelling corn starch is used very successfully in the food industry in many convenience products.

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  • yields opaque pastes with high viscosity
  • soluble in cold water
  • gives consistency; binding, thickening

Fields of Application

instant pudding creams confectionery creams instant dough mixes bakery products pastries baby food instant products baking fillings cereal pancakes


25 kg multilayer paper bags, 675 kg/palette

Dipl. Ing. Josef Zach

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Product characteristics of organic corn swelling starch cold swelling

Corn originated in Mexico, but is now produced worldwide. The starch contained in corn is created by the plants as an energy reserve in the cells. Corn starch is obtained in a complex process involving several steps. First, the corn is swollen in water and, after several days, finely ground. Then the fibers are separated and the starch fraction is separated from the gluten fraction. This is followed by several cleaning and drying steps. Starch can generally be extracted from all starch-containing plants. Corn, potato, wheat and rice are most commonly used for starch extraction due to their high starch content.


How to use organic corn swell starch cold swell?

Tip: To enable easy, lump-free stirring into water, it is advisable to mix the swelling starch with other dry recipe ingredients beforehand.


How is organic cold-swelling corn starch obtained?

Starch is mainly obtained from corn, wheat and potatoes. In this process, the starch-containing parts of the plant are crushed and the native starch is obtained by leaching, filtration, centrifugation and drying.


Interesting facts about organic corn swelling starch cold swelling:

Organic corn swelling starch is very often used in finished products as its effects often suit the product better than ordinary starches (e.g. Organic Potato Starch Superior). As already mentioned at the beginning, our organic corn swelling starch does not belong to the modified starches because it has been treated only thermally and not chemically. Modified starches that have been chemically altered have an E-number (E1400-E1451).

Briefly about modified starches, they are treated physically, chemically or enzymatically to meet higher technical requirements. They are used when better heat stability, acid stability, shear stability or better freezing and thawing behavior is required.

You can find corn starch in our assortment in 4 qualities. Organic cold swelling corn starch 21.204 (the one this text is about), organic native corn starch 21.050, organic cold swelling waxy corn starch 21.207 and organic native waxy corn starch 21.057. As you can see, not all corn starches are the same. We will be happy to advise and inform you about which one is best to use for your recipes, or whether potato starch, for example, is also suitable!

Corn is a pseudo-cereal and does not naturally contain gluten. Organic corn starch is digested by the body in the same way as untreated starch and is not considered unhealthy.